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Welcome to VCB | Vocation Consultants for the Blind.

Bakersfield, Kern County, we Bring a modern fully staffed, certified and credentialed training center for the blind here in the Central Valley.

VCB is a rehabilitation training center for the blind , located in Bakersfield CA, VCB is proud serving the blind and low vision community locally in Bakersfield and Kern County as well as statewide. We deliver unmatched information technology and assistive technology consultations, training and support. We also provide free to the community Braille Instruction, and Independent Living Skills Instruction. No DOR Case required!

Our call center is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and our office is staffed from 6:00AM to 10:00PM 7 days a week including holidays.

No issue is too large or too small for our staff, Vocation Consultants for the Blind is the on call rehabilitation staff you call when you have tried the rest but need the best!

If you are tired of waiting on those other guys, or simply tired of assessment after assessment and not going anywhere with your current provider. Tell your DOR case manager you want to work with VCB | Vocation Consultants for the Blind. It’s your right! If you need an advocate, or if your DOR staff is giving you trouble, give us a call. Click here for an explanation of Informed Choice, by the California Disability Rights group

Mission Statement

VCB | Vocation Consultants for the Blind, strives to be an organization representing the blind, by the blind. consisting of over 90% staff, board of directors and supporters who are blind, or visually impaired. VCB aims to truly show what the blind community in Kern County wants and needs by the blind community itself.

Gabe Vega, Executive Director, Assistive Technology Instructor.
Michael Wood, Board President.
Michelle Smith, Independent Living Skills Instructor.
Carla Worley, Braille Instructor.
Lisa Guzman, Braille Instructor.
Arthur Pimentel, Director.

All staff mentioned above are totally blind or partially sighted. Serving the blind is our passion. and We want to bring back what the Center for the Blind use to be. a place of learning, laughing, socializing, education, employment and more. By the blind for the blind.

Meet the VCB Staff

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