Daniel Contreras

Services Offered by Daniel Contreras

Daniel Contreras is a professional pianist, teacher, arranger, and producer. He completed his bachelors degree in music at Sam Houston State University in 2016, and completed his graduate studies in the same field in 2018 at SHSU. He has been teaching piano and music theory privately since 2016, and in a classroom setting since 2021. In addition to his experience as an instructor of music, Daniel has also been arranging, producing, and composing music since 2011. His real-world experience in these fields have allowed him to share all of what he has learned with aspiring students both visually impaired and sighted alike. The following are the services that are offered by Daniel.

Audio Production with Logic Pro/GarageBand:

Daniel has been using GarageBand for audio production since 2011 and has been using Logic Pro since 2015, the early days of its accessibility enhancements. He has produced professional quality tracks to websites such as audiojungle.net, as well as private clients both locally and across the nation. As a trainer of Logic Pro and GarageBand, he can provide clients with the necessary tools to be successful in the use of these software. Though Logic Pro is the preferred digital audio workstation, clients who instead need training in GarageBand can seamlessly transition to Logic if their goals call for such a transition. He can assist the client in their acclimation to either of these digital audio workstations.


Avid’s Sibelius is among the most widely used music notation software among professionals. Daniel utilizes this software on a regular basis both for teaching and professional musical arrangements. He has been using Sibelius since its early days of accessibility. As a result of his professional experience with this software, Daniel is capable of providing the necessary training to clients to ensure their successful acclimation to Sibelius. As the landscape of available tools for the visually impaired student continues to grow, training in this software is critical for the success for both music and audio engineering students. This software is becoming an essential part of theory and composition class assignments for visually impaired students.

Braille Music and Piano:

For the music/audio student, the ability to independently read braille music can provide them with yet another tool to enhance their studies. Daniel has been reading braille music since 2013 and has benefitted from the advantages that it provides. He can provide the training that is needed for the client to begin to utilize braille music for piano repertoire, which is a basic requirement for students who major in music. Braille music, in conjunction with Sibelius and other online tools, can also provide the client with another tactile way to interact and read with Sibelius projects. He can help the student arrive at the best solutions given each student’s unique learning situation. In addition, Daniel can also provide introductory piano lessons to help ensure that the client is well equipped for piano classes.